Jumping Sumo – Introduction

Having been recently introduced to neural networks, my fascination for the concept has grown quite a lot. I find it “interesting” that you can train a network to output reasonable results whilst not fully grasping how exactly the results are obtained. Having watched a lot of YouTube videos demonstrating robots of various kinds and shapes being controlled autonomously, I figured it was time I attempted one of my own.

I know very little about hardware (perhaps nothing other than a Modern Digital Systems Design class I took several years ago) and did not want to mess around with it. I needed a device which was programmable out of the box. Ergo, the Jumping Sumo by Parrot.I wanted to reproduce something similar to this but just have the drone move around the track (just once would be a confirmation that my efforts were not wasted). In the next few posts, I’ll describe the various steps involved in setting up, collecting data, training a neural network and finally testing it out. For eye candy, here are my results (not the best but hey, it’s a first).

These are links to the related posts:
Getting Ready
Collecting Training Data
Training the Neural Network
Testing the Neural Network

The full source code can also be found here and here.

Please leave a comment if you have a question.


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